30 Days After Quitting My Job… | Milestone 2020

A Letter to My Future Self

Dear Zake,

I’m the 26-year-old of you from 2020, how have you been? Since 2015, I decide to take a day every month to reflect on work, life, relationship and mental clarity. This is the 54th mail that I send to you.

Milestone 2020 — Leap of Faith

I quit my job.

After 2 years at OnePlus, I finally decided and made the move and leave. I have to admit that I learned many things about consumer electronics industry, how a smartphone is being built from scratch, especially on camera part.

I have a great boss who has clear vision and strong execution, more importantly holds great expectation on me and our camera team’s future. And I’m also fortunate enough to be the keynote speaker for OnePlus 7 Pro, 7T global launch events.

Everything looks promising and most people might think, “oh Zake’s doing good at OnePlus”, however, I’m not feeling at the best version of myself for the whole entire time here.

The three main reasons are:

1. Pay ≠ Gain?

For people who were born after 90s or 00s, having a job that pays their bills is never enough, we are looking for creating, building something that has a special meaning for ourselves, as well as for the world.

There’re plenty of ways to make money and live a decent life, we never experience losing jobs and being desperate for food and a shelter like our parents or grandparents did. So being mentally satisfied and happy in the work we do is more important.

However, when you job takes almost every hour of your life besides your sleep, while not providing you much new things to learn and digest, it’s time to think about it twice.

2. Challenging & Exciting?

I’m a person who love challenges or just being in an unexplored area. It offers a whole lot of space of imagination and excitement of our human, to create and build from scratch. And I also feel the best of myself when things are not defined by others, you have the freedom to modify the way people see things, the value about it.

Following the rules and doing things you’ve been told only make a human a robot, and I hate myself of not pushing limits and challenging my brain.

3. Unsustainable schedule

If you followed this blog for the past year, you know I’ve been talking too much about my schedule on balancing a day job, with videos, blogs, podcasts etc. Even though I tried many ways to maximize performance, the fact that I usually only sleep 4 hours a night is not a long-term strategy.

Choosing to quit, in a way, I’m protecting my passion for content creation, as well as my health in the long run.

I talked more in my video, as well as how I prepared myself for quitting this job. Hope it might be helpful for you.

What’s next?

As I mentioned in the video, before quitting the job, I’ve designed a new routine for my freelance (“unemployment”) career, making sure I can take advantage of this special period of my life, take some rest and think through some deep questions, as well as do things I love, including content creation and all kinds of sports.

Content creation routine

Before quitting the job, my goal is to put out a new video every month, which also resonates with my 30-day challenge topics. This still stay the same, but I’m trying to figure out different topics for videos, like the one I shared above, which requires more deep thoughts but less effort on editing.

I haven’t made the final decision on how many videos I have to make every month, and I’m looking forward to producing 3–4 videos in the coming month. Also, me and my girlfriend register for a separate new video channel as well.

A healthier body

Besides content creation, my health comes as the second important focus for this period. Currently I’m doing 30-day MURPH challenge, which is 1.6km run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats and another 1.6km run.

I mix my swimming and yoga routine along with it, and this week I also find myself taking a Muay Thai class, which I’m really looking forward to turning this into a new 30-day challenge.

Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Jujutsu and professional boxing, each of these martial arts is also on my list of new 30-day challenge.

An online paid course

For a full-time content creator, there isn’t really that many ways to make a living. Either you take ads and sponsors in your videos, which at this point, for those brands who’d love to sponsor me, I think in some ways degrades the quality and authenticity of my work. Or, you make videos for clients, or create your own online paid content.

I think I’d rather go with the later two options, even though it is more challenging and might not make more money than the first ads/sponsor option.

Again, the whole point of this exploration is to take time to reflect and create a best lifestyle that you can possibly think of, which means “zere compromise” and “never settle”. Once you are making money from this ideal framework, you are the happiest the man in the world.

(Being depressed and lonely while having a lot of fortune will never occur to you)

This is something I need to remind myself every single day. It gets really easy to fade out and lost in your mundane life.

What I’m Digesting

1. Take the Leap

2. Life Is Short: How to Add a Sense of Urgency | Tim Ferries

3. How to Live a Full Life: Integrating Productivity + Creativity + Self-Reflection | Tim Ferriss

  • Make time for important things, turn on “airplane mode”
  • Create urgency, schedule meetings, study sessions or paid course in advance

4. Joe Rogan Experience #1470 — Elon Musk

5. The first 20 hours — how to learn anything | Josh Kaufman | TEDxCSU

1 Deconstruct

2 Learn enough to self correct

3 Remove distraction

4 Practice 20 hours

6. 10 YEARS on Youtube — What I’ve Learned

7. Futurist Keynote, Helsinki: The Future of Content and Creativity, Episerver

8. The Protests in Minneapolis, Louisville, and Washington DC | VICE News Tonight Full Ep.

9. Poor Economics 贫穷的本质

10. Leonardo Da Vinci 达芬奇传




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